Written for gokrazy

The following third-party programs specifically target gokrazy:

  • router7
    Pure-Go small home internet router
  • avr-x1100w
    Automatically switches input sources on a Denon AVR-X1100W A/V receiver depending on which media source is in use (specific to stapelberg’s home network).
  • dornröschen
    SSH-based backup and storage sync orchestration (specific to stapelberg’s home network).
  • hmgo
    Minimal HomeMatic house automation central control unit replacement (specific to stapelberg’s home network).
  • scan2drive
    scan2drive is a Raspberry Pi 3/4-based appliance (with a web interface) for scanning, converting and uploading physical documents to Google Drive.
  • beatbox
    beatbox is a Raspberry Pi 3-based toy that combines a Mir:ror and NFC figurines for playing music stored on the device or directly from Spotify.
  • consrv
    consrv is a Raspberry Pi 4-based appliance that provides a basic SSH to serial console bridge for accessing remote devices.

To get your program listed here, just send us a pull request.

Successfully tested

The following third-party programs have been successfully used with gokrazy but might require additional setup:

No Go software for your idea?

You can prototype your idea by temporarily using existing software to close the gap. See Prototyping.