Connecting to WiFi networks

Since March 2022, gokrazy supports both encrypted and unencrypted WiFi networks! 🎉

To make gokrazy connect to a WiFi network, first include the package in your gokr-packer command line, e.g.:

gokr-packer \
  -update=yes \ \ \ \

Then, configure the wifi program by creating the file wifi.json as extra file:

mkdir -p extrafiles/

# To connect to an encrypted WiFi network, specify the psk:
echo '{"ssid": "Secure WiFi", "psk": "secret"}' \
  > extrafiles/

# Or, to connect to an unencrypted WiFi network, specify no psk,
# and use TLS:
echo '{"ssid": "My unencrypted WiFi"}' \
  > extrafiles/

Alternatively, you can also create the wifi.json manually on the permanent data partition with path /perm/wifi.json.

After starting gokrazy, the wifi program will connect to the configured WiFi network:

For debugging: known-working WiFi router setup

In case you have trouble getting your Raspberry Pi to connect to your network, this is how I set up my TP-LINK TL-WDR4300 with OpenWrt 19.07:

The MAC address filter isn’t a security measure, but prevents others from accidentally joining this open network.