Connecting to WiFi networks

Since March 2022, gokrazy supports both encrypted and unencrypted WiFi networks! 🎉

Remember that using an unencrypted WiFi network means anyone in range can read your communication. Hence, we strongly recommend using TLS for accessing the gokrazy web interface and doing updates.

To make gokrazy connect to a WiFi network, first include the package in your gokr-packer command line, e.g.:

gokr-packer \
  -tls=self-signed \
  -update=yes \ \ \ \

Then, configure the wifi program by creating the file wifi.json as extra file:

mkdir -p extrafiles/

# To connect to an unencrypted WiFi network, specify no psk:
echo '{"ssid": "My unencrypted WiFi"}' \
  > extrafiles/

# OR, to connect to an encrypted WiFi network, specify the psk:
echo '{"ssid": "Secure WiFi", "psk": "secret"}' \
  > extrafiles/

Alternatively, you can also create the wifi.json manually on the permanent data partition with path /perm/wifi.json.

After starting gokrazy, the wifi program will connect to the configured WiFi network:

For debugging: known-working WiFi router setup

In case you have trouble getting your Raspberry Pi to connect to your network, this is how I set up my TP-LINK TL-WDR4300 with OpenWrt 19.07:

The MAC address filter isn’t a security measure, but prevents others from accidentally joining this open network.